Hot Kitchen


Long-lasting illumination thanks to the fresh air curtain over the shatter-proof polycarbonate diffuser


All cassettes can be easily pulled out


The active cassettes need no fixation within the profiles

Kitchen ventilation economically and hygienically assured!

In the key area of the kitchen especially an efficient ventilation is essential. The GIF ventilating ceiling offers first-class advantages in the fields of ergonomics, hygiene and fire protection.
The ventilated kitchen is designed and installed according to the position of individual objects, structural conditions and kitchen equipment. Flexibility is our by-word in this respect.
Low heights, small surfaces or irregularly shaped spaces can all be overcome as a result of the modularity. Problems resulting from numerous kitchen appliances, strong emissions and different times of use can all be solved through the most modern GIF technology.
The GIF ventilated ceiling is being successfully used whether in  gastronomy or communal catering, catering plants or the food industry and has also reached gourmet kitchens. Even the special needs of correctional facilities or sea voyages can also be satisfied.

  • First class interior climate at the workplace, no draught effects
  • Low ceiling structure, functional from 200 mm
  • Production process and products fully HACCP certified
  • All components are made of stainless steel and can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Savings in investment costs for air ducts and RLT air handling system
  • Ventilated ceiling easily adjustable, eg as a result of changes in kitchen equipment or lay-out