Fireextinguishing system

To comply with additional fire-safety requirements such as EN 16282-7 GIF-ventilated ceilings can also be fitted with stationary fire suppression systems. With that in place not only kitchen equipment but also the ceiling void and duct mouths are protected.

Stationary fire suppression systems are fitted with potential-free contacts to switch off supply air, shut down power supply for kitchen equipment and if needed to connect to the measurement and control unit of the building.

The layout of the fire suppression system will individually be adapted to cover all kitchen equipment and to allow for any local site requirements. Thus, life and material assets are protected to the highest possible degree.

ecoAzur –
Energy saving in commercial kitchens

Operations in commercial kitchens result in heat and/or vapours. In order to detect both the two significant parameters, ecoAzur relies both on optical and thermic sensors.
Depending on the individual cooking operations i.e. vapour intensity and/or temperature level, the airflow is adapted accordingly. This efficient kitchen ventilation permanently ensures optimal air quality and ergonomics, at the same time making a relevant energy saving possible.

  • Suitable for extraction hoods, ventilated ceilings, restaurant systems
  • Individual customization to any type of kitchen is possible
  • Extensible thanks to his modularity
  • Existing units can be retrofitted
  • Control system for one or more ventilation units per kitchen possible
  • Easy setting of the optical and thermic sensors
  • Additional energy saving when heating and cooling the supply air
  • Measurement devices and its components made of stainless steel, hence
    • Easy cleaning
    • Hygienically safe
    • Reliable function
  • Individual setting of different parameters possible (e.g. temperature points, range, speed/duration, etc…)
  • To be connected to the own building services management System
  • System secure against disruption and failure
  • Intelligent system thanks to the logic addressing of the components
  • Additional cost saving when an additional UV-C(lean) System is mounted in the same kitchen


  • EC-fans or drive Motor with electronic frequency converter
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