Mixed solutions are possible

Description of the system

Preparation- or storage rooms, adjacent hallways or corridors or any other auxilliary area of a professional kitchen is still subject to rules and regulations such as VDI 2052 regarding hygiene and exchange of air volumes.

The GIF Flat System Ceiling has been specifically developed for these areas. Since there is no thermal load here, the GIF Flat System Ceiling consists of large components which can be demounted in a pressure-proof manner. Of course, the GIF Flat System Ceiling is also a wall-to-wall solution and comprises all the components required  for capturing extract air, fresh air supply via adjustable air diffusers and lighting.

In areas with loud noise pollution, the GIF Flat System Ceiling can optionally be manufactured with a sound reducing design. The durability is guaranteed for years due to the use of high quality materials such as AlMgSi 0.5 aluminium (also in a powder-coated form) or alter-natively AISI 304 stainless steel.

Facts and advantages

  • Integrated lighting and ventilation elements
  • Pressure-proof suspension

  • Economic, hygienic system for all auxiliary areas
  • On site installation possible

Specific technical data

air flow 500 m3/h per element
dimensions/grid 2000×400 mm
pressure drop 50 Pa
material/surface powder coating RAL 9010 or any RAL
color of choice, optionally AISI 304
stainless steel
lamps LED T8
2×20 Watt / 2×24 Watt