GIF features for ceiling fixtures
with special function

Building-site supplementary parts such as loudspeakers and sprinkler heads can via a blind cassette be integrated into the GIF-ceiling grid. Other installations like pictographs, fire or smoke detectors can directly be affixed onto the supporting rails (C-Profiles).

For the detectors GIF developed consoles that fit to the supporting rails ensuring the push and pull function.

Emergency illumination

Based on individual needs and requirements emergency illumination can be installed. It is possible to either use one of the lighting bars inside the luminaires or parts of the LED-Profile illumination to use for emergency illumination. Also possible is the integration of building-site emergency illumination into the GIF-luminaires or an implementation with DALI-compatible GIF-luminaires.

Secondary ceiling

The installation of a secondary ceiling in between the raw/ concrete ceiling and the GIF-ventilated ceiling is possible(“closed system” in accordance with EN 16282-3). This kind of installation might become necessary in case of extreme heights of raw-ceiling, dense building-site installations such as pipework, cable trays etc., to comply with national requirements or simply if preferred by user.