Not just functionality, but WOW effect as well


Hybrid solutions of different GIF ceilings make stylish structural forms and design possible

Food counter/servery and Showcooking
without unpleasant smells

The GIF ventilated ceiling offers an optimal and flexible gathering of heat vapour for all forms of food counters.
Frontcooking – Showcooking is one of the modern trends in the gastronomical industry. However, it is particularly in this area that an adequate extraction of the steam resulting from cooking by means of traditional collecting equipment (eg covers) is almost impossible and often optically not ideal.
Cross flows present a great challenge particularly in this area. The GIF system – thanks to the Jet Stream Extractor –  can successfully extract not only heat and vapours but also smells.

In addition to functionality appearance also plays an important role. With the help of the LED Profile lighting, downlights und additional individual components serving counters can be designed attractively according to individual taste.

  • An atmosphere of feelings created through design oriented LED technology
  • Complete extraction of heat and steam
  • Flexible adjustments to the shapes of the counters
  • Individual design solutions possible