As low ballast, electronic ballast and LED model available

Description of the system

Compliant to German Work Safety Standards (Arbeitsstättenverordnung) GIF-Luminaires fit flush in the ceiling grid and can be placed separately or in a continous line thus creating best possible and shadow-free lighting in the work place.

All GIF Luminaires are moisture proof (at least IP 54) and suitably equipped for professional kitchens. In addition and on request luminaires can also be fitted dimmable or with DALI technology. Another standard is set by the GIF-supply air connection to each luminaire in extract air zones prolonging the life span of the integrated electronic control gear. Two longitudinal vents allow for the cool supply air to exit the casing of the luminaire thus creating an air-cushion below the cover sheet, protecting it from soiling and deposits from any raising smoke or kitchen vapours.
As a result cleaning of cover sheets is therefore much less necessary.

Facts and advantages

  • Best possible lighting through double-sided UV coating of cover sheet
  • Flush fitting into ceiling grid as part of the ventilated ceiling.
  • Protection class IP 54 as a minimum
  • Interior ventilation forms a curtain of fresh air across the underside of the diffusor to avoid contamination or soiling

  • Cooled Luminaires have extended service life
  • Lighting in existing systems can be retrofitted
  • Compatible to DALI or dimmable

Specific technical data

GIF Luminaires with LED without LED
type T8 T8/T5
power/connection values 4×20 Watt
4×24 Watt
4×36 Watt, 4×58 Watt
4×28 Watt, 4×49 Watt
Supply air connection 75m³/h (only when used in the extract air area) 75 m3/h (only when used in the extract air area)
protection class IP 65 IP 54
dimensions/length 1500/2000 mm 1500/2000 mm